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Scale your company with the futuristic SEMICON solutions

Semiconductor Engineering, Design & Development Solutions

The Integrated Circuit (IC)/ ASIC wing of Cientra works on the principle of redefining the boundaries of innovation, especially in the development of silicon chips. Our semiconductor design solutions include RTL design, design verification, physical design, and analog design and layout offering – and also provide RTL to GDSII value offerings. We do this with the primary goal of helping technology companies monetize their expertise.

  • Circuit Design and Simulation

  • Characterization

  • Layout Design/Verification- Analog and Digital

  • Digital building blocks - Standard Cell, Memories 

  • Analog building blocks - Power Management, Phase lock loop (PLL), High speed IO (SerDes), GPIO, DAC, ADC, OPAMP and Current Mirror

Analog Mixed Signal Design

​Cientra is an Indian multi-national product solutions company incorporated in the USA and Germany.

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​For queries, reach us on: +91 80-6782 1350

​Global Footprint: Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi, New Jersey, Frankfurt

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  • Arch & Micro-architecture

  • RTL Design

  • Design Verification

  • DFT

  • Physical Design

  • Post Si Validation


  • FPGA RTL Design & Verification

  • FPGA Prototyping & Emulation 

  • Expertise in design partitioning of large designs using industry standard tools

  • Expertise in Xilinx and Intel FPGAs


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