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Analog Mixed Signal Design

Cientra has extensive experience in Power Management Circuits and the necessary frameworks for low turn-on voltage circuits. We have successfully delivered a variety of regulators, references, protection circuits, and temperature sensors, in addition to high efficiency and low EMI noise. Some of the Power Management modules designed by Cientra are enlisted below:

  • DC-DC Converters (Buck/Boost)

  • Li-Ion Chargers

  • Switched Capacitor Voltage Regulator

  • Charge Pump

  • MOSFET Drivers

  • Motor Driver

  • LDOs

  • Low Power POR/BOD

  • High Precision BGRs

  • High Precision Temperature Sensor

  • Constant Current Sink-LED Driver

Power Management

Cientra has designed multiple circuits for precision clock generation and synthesis. These include state-of-the-art XO and VCXO clock modules, and PLL clock generators for medium frequency range applications. Apart from clock generators, Cientra has also developed high-performance low-skew DLLs for different applications. Some of the Clock Modules designed by  our team are:

  • Low Power Crystal Oscillator, RC Oscillator

  • Low Jitter PLL and DLL Designs

  • Clock Buffers and Dividers

Clock Circuits

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RTL Verification

Cientra has rich experience in developing components that cater to Automotive, Consumer, IoT and Mobile applications. Augmented with experience in various technology nodes like high voltage (>=40V), planner cmos (180nm-28nm), FDSOI (22nm) as well as various FinFET nodes (16nm to 2nm). Cientra is also confident in providing customized solutions to our customers as per their business needs.

Our AMS Solutions include Architecture planning and feasibility Analysis, Circuit design and simulations, Layout design and Verification, Performance and Functional Modeling, Mixed Signal Verification and Co-Simulation, Design and Layout Migrations and Engineering Sample validation.

Cientra has delivered various Data Converter designs supporting low voltage and wide supply voltages. These data converters support programmable resolution, and low-noise and are commonly done for sensor interface applications. The types of data converter designs that we have done are 

  • SAR, Sigma Delta, and Pipeline ADCs

  • DAC with high speed, low power, and a rail-to-rail buffer

  • Filters

Signal Processing

Cientra has expertise in designing the following high-speed blocks:

  • LVDS and CML Drivers

  • USB 2.0/3.0, PCIe Gen 2/3

  • Server Interconnect 10/11.2 Gbps

  • General Purpose IO Library

  • High Speed SERDES at 5 -12 Gbps

  • PHY Porting: MIPI, USB, HDMI, PCIe, DDR etc.

High Speed Interfaces

Cientra provides an end-to-end solution to our customers in area reduction/feature enhancements or migration of their existing IP libraries from one technology node to another. Some of our proven solutions are:

  • Porting design from the same node of one FAB to another

  • Porting design from same FAB but different node

  • Feature enhancement or removal etc.

Technology Migration

Automotive, Consumer electronics, IoT and Mobile, our team has offered some of the most complex applications to our customers for their Automotive, Consumer Electronics, IoT and Mobile chipsets.


  • FinET: 2nm to 16nm

  • FDSOI:  22nm

  • High Voltage BCD: 0.18um, 0.13um, 90nm, 65nm BCD process & >=40V

  • Planner CMOS: 28nm to 180nm

Technology Nodes

​Cientra is an Indian multi-national product solutions company incorporated in the USA and Germany.

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