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Cientra 5GIG is a complete 5G end-to-end software solution for IoT conversion to 5G-IoT.

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Convert IoT to 5G without upgrading hardware

Today, in the IoT world, there is a requirement to connect devices through a common platform for interoperability and ease of scalability. 5G is one acceptable common platform where not only mobiles but IoT’s are also connected by the same standard. Many issues and challenges need to be solved to achieve this interoperability and scalability.

Challenges are many. Most of the IoT’s are not 5G and does not have 5G-Stack and SIM. These can be provided from cloud and devices can become 5G-device. First of all, a very small %tage of land is covered with 5G spectrum. Also, devices need 5G radio capability. Radio connectivity can be solved if other means of connectivity (wifi, 4G hotspot, LoRa etc) is available and 5G protocols are augmented. Then they become interoperable like 5G devices, and can communicate through gNB. They can reach gNB by IP and such gNB’s can be called as IP-gNB. Devices need 5G eSIM to operate as 5G devices. Remote eSIM method eliminates the need for SIM slot. Cientra 5G IoT Gateway is a combination of an Aggregator to which all IoT’s will connect and a set of remote NAS stack and IP-gNB. Overall, all these challenges are solved with 5GIG.


A complete 5G end-to-end software solution for IoT conversion to 5G-IoT.

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