Building disruptive solutions, for the future


Designing and developing solutions that realize true market potential, enable successful market penetration, ease out new segment entry, as well as test & support infrastructure for rapid time-to-market.

Today, hardware and system software companies are focusing on launching their next generation products by adopting advances in chip design and fabrication, device manufacturing, machine learning, analytics, and connectivity.

We, at Cientra, understand the shift that is driving the undercurrents of hardware-software convergence. In keeping with the digital acceleration, our focus has been on developing complex competencies that marry the new-age technologies and deep industry expertise. This enables us to be at the forefront of re-engineering and solution design efforts that go beyond just resource offerings.

Our comprehensive provision of services arms us with the ability to connect the dots across the product development cycle. We are able to partner with our customers during any phase of their value chain, accelerating their immediate and future requirements with ease and creative disruption.


Digital transformation in the industrial, automotive, and enterprise sectors has pushed chip companies to squeeze the maximum value out of their silicon – driving high performance, low latency, and energy-efficient designs.

Cientra is well positioned to cater to the end-to-end product development solutions in this age, with proven expertise in low-power and high-speed design, implementation, and validation methodologies


OEMs and Tier 1s are aggressively pushing the frontiers of automotive technology to achieve unimaginable feats in autonomous driving, seamless mobility, driver and passenger comfort, rich user experience, and safety. Cientra is an ideal venue for end-to-end automotive system development solutions – Cientra has a suite of ECU applications, data analytics and AI solutions that has been custom created through a rigorous process of requirement analysis, feasibility studies, solution research, prototype design, solution development, testing, and deployment.

Wireless Communications

Cientra has over 30 years of experience in the communications industry with capabilities to design, develop and deploy across the entire spectrum of 1G-5G network solutions. Our offerings in this space cover protocol stacks and applications in UE, Radio access, Core Network, and Virtualization. Our research, training and development engines are rated amongst the best in the industry and we are constantly driving value to our clients through extension of subject matter expertise, especially in the latest releases of 3GPP standard.

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