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At Cientra, we systematize and create value across the product lifecycle.

We do this by helping our customers setup Offshore Development Centers (ODCs), augmenting their project teams with the right engineering talent, and executing through a global delivery model.

Design & Development

We provide solutions that embed design thinking and innovation at its core
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Deployment & Maintenance

We help customers capitalize on their true market potential.
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We guarantee quality deliverables across the entire infrastructure spectrum.
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Design & Development

Capitalizing on true market potential requires differentiated product strategy and design. Cientra fulfills the hardware and software mandates of our fast-growing customers by developing solutions that embed design thinking and innovation at its core.

Cientra has proven expertise in delivering design solutions across leading-edge IP development, mixed-signal, multi-layer analog, RF, high-speed digital, verification, and pre/post validation, board support packages (BSPs), device drivers, connectivity protocols, and enterprise applications.

Deployment & Maintenance

Value engineering, in today’s competitive times, is pivotal to small businesses and large enterprises alike. It helps cut cost, build efficiencies, warrants reliability and sustenance.

At Cientra, we partner with our customers across industries/ domains such as Semiconductor, Aviation, Automotive, AI & Gaming, Wireless and Platforms. Our smart engineers collaborate with customers to deliver solutions that position the formers’ product portfolio ahead of the curve. We are able help customers capitalize on their true market potential.

Wireless Product Deployments & Project Management

Cientra is continuously engaged in the deployment and management of wireless network nodes – Access and core equipment. We do this across:

  • eNB and RAN
  • 3G Core, EPC
  • Even Cloud Nodes with Application Servers connecting to the wireless Network Core.

We leverage our extensive protocol knowledge for integration of nodes and deployment management.

Product Sustenance

Every software / hardware goes through its “initiation” lifecycle – through development, deployment, upgrades, and lab (or field) testing. We at Cientra closely collaborate with our customers at every stage


At Cientra, we provide zero-error assurance on technology platforms via testing of connectivity and stability across networks. We guarantee quality deliverables across the entire infrastructure spectrum.

Manual/Automation Testing and Integration

Over the years, Cientra has developed in-house tools for manual and automation testing. Our engineers use these assets and proprietary automation framework to provide top of the line development and testing solutions, allowing seamless integration and scale across the organization ecosystem

Wireless Modem Lab and Field Testing

Our domain expertise across 2G, 4G, and LTE modem testing give us the confidence to tackle our customers’ challenges, converting them into revenue generating assets. Our in-house tools capture streaming messages, while analysing the messages between the modem and the network in a seamless manner to provide real-time insights. This speed allows our customers to take informed decisions on the go.

Wireless Network Testing

Using Wireshark and other protocols, our team analyses each message, its sequence/situation, information elements requirements, and validity. We also provide testing for eNB/gNB, core networks and protocols, IMS, Application Servers and much more.

Wireless Network Performance Enhancements

We understand that Business Continuity is critical for enterprises. We collaborate with customers to secure them against any eventuality. Our knowledge of 3GPP protocols, messaging and scenarios, empower us to handle any situation with the same level of confidence and quick turnaround time.


Conformance and Certification Testing

At Cientra, we constantly work with testing tools and modem companies to help the latter get their devices certified. We facilitate the conformance to local regulation for modems such as GCF or PTCRB, 3GPP. Etc.

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