IP Solutions

Cientra team has extensive experience with several complicated projects and flows, including UPF development, static checks, design for PPA and trade-offs, and DFT and DFV needs.

Proficient in any of the category IPs and SoCs :

  • Slow peripheral like I2C, UART, SPI, SM Bus, PM Bus
  • Fast Peripherals like PCIe, Ethernet, USB, etc
  • Infrastructure components in GPIO, Bus Bridges, SoC interconnect, Subsystem / SoC bus architectures, AMBA Bus Interfaces like APB, AHB, AXI
  • CPU Design – RISC-V, Power PC, ARM CPUs, Cache Controllers, MMU, IO-Coherency, Fast ALUs, MACs
  • DSP IPs like FFT, FM ModulatorClock, and Reset generators for SoC / Subsystems

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Our IP Catalogue

Our specialists with decades of hands-on experience, an internally developed IP portfolio, and detailed exposure to TFM (Tools, flows, and methodologies) across the industry, enable our customers to a faster and more predictable time to market (TTM) and quality deliverables. The in-house processes which are in line with most of the industry standard practices, make Cientra one of the unique providers of RTL design solutions provider for the semiconductor industry.

If you have any queries, please email us at info@cientra.com