Our Wireless technology stack is built to adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape. We plan, design, build, deploy and operate wireless networks on multiple environments across the full range of protocols.

Software Upgrade of IoT to 5G

Telecom Offerings


We have customers in Cellular and IoT Modem and Networks. We provide products and solutions on license or Packaging basis flexibly. We have clear road map to include Voice, V2X, FRMCS, 6G upgrade for our products and solutions. We have patented our novel ideas to protect our customers.

We have built complete UEStacks, gNB and Core and capable of providing complete 5G network. We are providing operators with Access solutions to increase revenue for customers in 5G-IoT segment. Our products go through trials and validations and certification. Our flagship product AADI (5G IoT Gateway) can transform legacy IoT’s to 5G devices with eSIM/5G-Stack capable and save cost on hardware upgrades.  Major saving is monthly billing of eSIM (shared by many devices), which is highly optimized. By transforming to 5G, the devices will avail all benefits of 5G devices and 5G Networks.

5GIG (5G IoT Gateway)

  • Aggregator
  • UE Stack
  • gNB

5G Core

  • NAS
  • NGAP
  • AMF

5G gNB (Non-Radio)

  • NGAP
  • GTP

IoT modem to 5G conversion

  • NAS
  • RRC
  • PDCP
  • RLC
  • MAC
  • PHY


We have in-house 5G traffic generator tools to help development make easy in 5G. We provide well tested and validated Interface with conformance test certification.

Our testing tools range from 5G (NAS/NGAP) traffic generator, to 5G automation testing etc to speed up 5G developments. Our products cover operations of a wide range of protocols like oneM2M, NAS, NGAP, GTP, N3/N6 etc across 5G network. It can do Functional Testing of 5G Core Network. It can generate soft eSIM’s for reduced cost.

Company has its own Robot framework based Automation test tool which is enhanced continuously and our familiar team  can provide the same services to customers. New scripts can we written to enhance the testing coverage.


5G (UE + gNB) traffic Generator

  • 5G (UE + gNB) traffic Generator
  • 5G IoT
  • 5G Core Tester


We are in many govt and private forums forming consortiums and provide complete solutions. We have partnerships to Integrate IOT/Core/Server to be able to offer as complete Private Network. Our domain agnostic product can serve every IoT industry like Smart City, Healthcare, PowerGrid, Mining, Transport etc.


5G IoT Solutions for:

  • Smart city
  • Healthcare
  • Power/Water Management
  • Transport Management
  • Etc.


We offer development and testing services for 3GPP , IETF protocols, building networks and devices. We have training division for Development and Testing of resources to stay continuously updated and ready to serve. We have labs to train our resources in-house for Testing Automation to improve quality.

Our team has Log Analysis tools for field and Lab log analysis of 4G/5G messages intercepted between IoT, gNB, Core in Control and User plane. Team is continuously upgraded on conformance tests for 3GPP new releases. It can do performance enhancements, sanity tests, conformance tests and certifications. Writing new test cases are continuous exercises as part of the job.


Testing of:

  • 4G Modem
  • 4G RAN
  • 4G Core
  • 5G Modem
  • 5G RAN
  • 5G Core


  • 4G Modem/ RAN/ Core
  • 5G Modem/ RAN/ Core
  • IoT Gateway/ System


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