5G Solutions – Development & Testing

Our technology expertise prepare us to cater to the hardware-software integration needs of our clients across multiple and diverse platforms. In addition, we enable the validation and test automation of products across its lifecycle.


Platform Expertise

Cientra has platforms to develop Cellular and IoT Modem. eNB/gNB Access and 4G/5G Core Networks. The devices use Linux OS platform with multi process and multi-threaded designs implementing various protocol stacks like UE stacks, gNB Stacks and Core stacks. We have NAS, RRC, L2, PHY, NGAP, GTP, IP/SCTP and all Core nodes inter-module communications as per 3GPP. The applications are built on top of these protocols. Our Major platforms are UE, gNB, Core and NMS.

Embedded RTOS/Microcontroller Platform

At Cientra, we specialize in OS Porting, device drivers, boot loaders, BSP, Network Support Packages, wireless connectivity, Kernel Modules, graphics framework, display technologies, multimedia framework development, and hardware codec integration/optimization for MM framework. We also execute BIOS, UEFI development, device drivers for multiple OS flavors (Windows CE, Linux), IPC layer development, etc.

Android / Linux Multimedia / Peripherals

Over the years, Cientra has made possible firmware development and architecture capabilities for business across several industries. We also work with a multitude of programming languages, such as Windows/Linux, RTOS/non-OS based development environments.

We perform sensor integration, firmware for connectivity solutions, Bluetooth/BLE, Wifi, LTE, CAN/I2C/SPI Protocols, DSP and DSC design and development, etc. These offerings are customized to Industrial and Automation systems, Surveillance and Healthcare systems designs, satellite communication, etc.

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