Today, the automotive industry is working up quite a storm. From connected cars, to 3D printing and driverless cars, the boundaries from fiction to reality seem to be blurring. OEMs and first tier suppliers are constantly looking to achieve seamless mobility, driver & passenger comfort, safety, and rich user experience. The focus is shifting towards co-existence of ECU applications, data analytics and AI.


Automotive Services

Cientra is a preferred partner to leading OEMs & Tier-1 institutions, helping them address their growing challenges in the areas of realizing faster time-to-market, surviving the cost pressure, rising demand for greater connectivity, and safety.

We address these challenges by delivering accelerators via. Telematics, Mobility & connectivity, ADAS, V2V/ V2X, AI/ IoT, and more. Some of our value prepositions include:


  • Differentiation in features
  • Improved predictability in development (cost, quality, and time)
  • Increased efficiency in vehicle subsystems development process
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Automotive engineering services portfolio across product design engineering services; verification and validation; R&D support; platform software; connectivity & mobility

Infotainment, Cluster, Telematics

At Cientra, we deliver in-vehicle connectivity and end-to-end services from development to integration with industry standardized practices and extensive expertise. Our deep understanding of hardware devices and embeddedsoftware help us solve challenges in the automotive space with ease, including

  • Design and development of infotainment features such as rear seat entertainment unit, head unit, on-board telematics systems, heads up display, etc.
  • Hardware, firmware and software development
  • Product testing and validation
  • Vision based Algorithms for ADAS
  • Telematics and surveillance systems across the IoT spectrum
  • Vision-based algorithms
  • Cross domain-services expertise that leverages data analytics for a comprehensive solution design

Product Design Engineering Services

Personalization and the ever-growing need for differentiation are leading many OEMs to adapt to custom solution development – be it in ADAS or Infotainment space. Add to it the challenges of safety, security and co-existence of applications and testing, the complexity of design and development increases multi-fold.

At Cientra, we provide custom solutions (MCU or FPGA based) to overcome modern technical challenges confidently and efficiently. Our software expertise makes our offerings high performance and reliable, while our expertise in AI/IoT/data Analytics helps customers realize new use cases, with opportunities to explore new revenue generating avenues.

Advance Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) with external connectivity

In the age of driverless and connected cars, ADAS play an important role for safer and smarter driving experience.

Cientra combines our expertise in semiconductor, telecom and automotive, to develop and migrate ADAS algorithms to create a secure driving environment.

Mobility and Connectivity

Enterprise mobility is helping connected cars in realizing new features, use cases and new revenue generation / business models.

Cientra’s expertise in telecom enables us to develop V2V/V2X technologies along with modern connectivity platforms. Our solutions include desktop analysis tools, web applications and mobile application effectively managing and interpreting data.


Modern vehicles generate gigabytes of data every hour. This information requires continuous upstreaming, real-time and offline analysis for effective decision making.

Cientra has a specialized team developing data analytics and artificial intelligence platform based on IBM’s Watson. This platform enables multiple use cases from advertisement/media to automotive marketing / sales analysis with shorter decision cycle times.


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