Artificial Intelligence & Gaming

Whether it is about intergrated circuit design, process development, factory set up, new product introduction/ upgrade, chip manufacturing, deployment and testing, or system integration, AI and ML are transforming the very landscape of the businesses.


AI Offerings

At Cientra, we synergize the levers of AI and Gaming to design and manufacture techniques, testing, and validation procedures; allowing faster time to market. Our ability to triangulate technologies such as deep learning, robotics, PDAs, and Natural Language Processing, has given us an edge over competition in terms of realizing greater impact to our customers, across domains.

AI/Machine-Learning & Data Engineering

Cientra has a dedicated pool of engineers engaged in AI-based application development. Commonly occurring areas of internal technology like Machine Learning, handling unstructured databases using multiple search engines, parsing complex inputs and providing them to customers in the most easily consumable maner have been some of the projects we have executed successfully.

Online Games with AI

We develop online games for social and professional platforms. We have designed and deployed multiplayer 3D games on multiple gaming engines and environments.

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