We believe in a few factors that will turbocharge Cientra in this hyper-competitive environment


Working alongside equally talented individuals with experience across the range of technology and business


An opportunity to gain exposure across the length and breadth of domains, industries and trends


An open environment where people can speak their mind


A culture where not one, but the whole team is equally accountable and responsible for the success of a project


To be a part of an ever-innovative engine


Leaders are not born, they are MADE! To be a true leader one must possess a collection of skills.

We provide our team a host of opportunities through training programs, learning initiatives and complex projects. We arm our people with the skillsets and toolsets required to hone and refine their experience in their chosen fields of expertise. Through our initiatives we empower individuals to effectively train, support, mentor and manage their peers and team.


Knowledge, expertise and experience. These are the driving forces behind our desire to over-achieve and go beyond a set norm.

We strongly believe that to achieve true excellence, every task must be performed with absolute surety and transparency. To achieve this, we go to great lengths. We deliberate, ideate and form a conclusive research-based plan which can be executed in a seamless fashion. This is done by employing strong talent and combining it with extensive research every project.


When institutions think technology, we want them to think Cientra

The only way to achieve this is helping an employee grow in his or her career and expertise. We realize this by equipping our employees with the necessary skills to be in sync with the latest technology/ industry trends.

We mentor individuals to find their expertise, either through training, a change in project, or mentorship. Rewarding employees who perform well is a top priority to keep the motivation alive.

Performance Management

1 on 1s with managers
Periodic appraisal
Goal setting
Performance based promotion

Rewards & Recognition

Spot Awards
Client recognition
Annual Awards


Attractive pay package
Relocation Benefits
Recurring Bonus Payouts
Employee friendly HR practices


Pyramid based team structure
Tech lead trains juniors
On-project learning

Learning & Development

1 on 1 mentoring
Proof of Concept projects
Technology training
Tool training


In order to keep providing businesses with the latest technology solutions, we NEED to be ahead of the curve

This is where upskilling plays a critical role. To help the company as a whole to reach its goals, but most importantly to allow an individual to grow their own skillset which will allow them to stay relevant in an ever-changing technological environment. At Cientra, you will be assured of opportunities to learn the latest practices and new skills which will support and broaden your core expertise.


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