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Automotive Embedded Software Solutions – Product Development and Engineering

We are experts in providing car comfort functions, car networks, ADAS, and car core functions.


Automotive Embedded Software Development Solutions

In order to bridge the gap between Car & the mobility ecosystem improvement in vehicle performance based on the generated in-vehicle & outside-of-vehicle data Automotive businesses are increasing their expertise in embedded automotive software development.

Cientra offers OEMs and Tier 1’s decades together experience with embedded automotive-grade solutions, including infotainment, navigation, ADAS/AD, cybersecurity, and core vehicle systems architectural design and development.

Cientra’s Automotive Embedded Engineering Solutions

In order to improve the component functioning of multimedia systems, in-vehicle networks, Telematics, ADAS, body electronics, power train ECUs, and gearbox ECUs, Cientra provides embedded software solutions. Our ability is to create sophisticated systems for ECU firmware updates, Telematic control unit software, and other applications. This is made possible by our wide range of knowledge, which is based on industry-standard guidelines for evaluating software development processes, ASPICE.

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