5G Testing Services

At Cientra we provide 4G/5G Lab/field conformance/certification testing and SW development of IoTs/Mobiles/Modems, Networks, Core & their interfaces as per 3GPP.

5G Testing Portfolio

  • 5G NAS N1 and N2(NgAP) testing
  • 5G RRC testing with Message Analysis
  • gNB 5G testing in E1/F1/NgAP/XnAP Testing with Network Companies
  • 5G N1/NAS Protocol test with AMF/gNB (Part of Automation)
  • Coverage of PHY, MAC, RLC, PDCP, SDAP, and NAS Layer wise testing

5G UE/RAN/AMF – Testing

4G UE/eNB TestingLTE Core Testing (NAS/GTP/Diameter)
  • 38.521 – LTE PHY Layer
  • 38.523 – RRM, MAC/RLC/PDCP/SDAP, RRC, NAS,  Bearers, SRVCC, etc..
  • gNB E1/F1 Testing
  • N1/NgAP(N2) Testing
  • Air Interface Testing
  • NGAP Messages, NAS Messages
  • And more….

NG-CN Testing and Automation

CN Network Architecture

  • NW Entities and Diagram
  • NRF, NNSF and AMF
  • Reference Points and Core Diagram
  • Network Slicing
  • SST Values
  • Registration to Slice
  • AMF Selection and NNSF Query
  • Slice and Slice-Set Modification
  • Establishing PDU session for Slice

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